Minerals and Protein



  • Protein Tub 200lb 24%
  • All Natural Protein Tub 200lb 20%



  • Equine Loose Mineral
  • Beet Pulp With Molases


  • Trace mineral Salt
  • Loose White Salt
  • P1 Beef Mineral
  • P1 14% High Mag Mineral
  • Breeder Mineral with increased Phosphorous
  • Vigortone 3V5S Minerals
  • Vigortone 3V6S Minerals

Vigortone Minerals:

As a result of using Beef Range Minerals a producer can expect:

  • Improved Weaning Weights
  • Improved Cow Longevity
  • Improved Conception Rates
  • Increased Pasture Utilization
  • Improved Profitability

Vigortone is the nutritional leader in providing high-quality, free-choice minerals for beef herd. Vigortone has been a leader in animal nutrition since 1912. One of the reasons for Vigortone's success is their continual testing and use of field trials for the development of their successful nutritional programs. Vigortone 3V products are best described as advanced nutrition technology and are the result of experience, field research and attention to formulation detail. Special care is given to formulating for low levels of nutrient antagonists in the formula such as sulfur and iron. The result is a more potent mineral formulation, accounting for potential nutrient tie-ups resulting from consumption of forages and water high in sulfur, iron or molybdenum.